05 June 2019

If you were purchasing a property, and there was development work approved for a neighbouring property, wouldn’t you want to know about it?

When looking to purchase property, your clients should be as informed as possible about their purchase. After all, while the process to make a purchase might be an everyday process for you, it’s a big deal for them.

Going that step further and looking at what may impact your client’s property, for example the submission of a development application (DA), can set you apart from the rest. It shows you care and are interested in the success of the parties involved.

So, how do you set yourself apart from competitors when it comes to the property market? Here are three tips.

1. Really know the market

A key part of informing your clients about their choice in property is to know the market. Ask yourself:

  • Is the area a growing or falling market? Are there plenty of buyers or plenty of sellers?
  • Think about how your client is going to get the best deal. Should they wait or take advantage of the current property situation?

There are plenty of services available to find out this information if you need data to back up your facts.

Also think about how you can make yourself stand out. Consider, who are my competitors? How do I differ to them? If you know what your competitors are doing to win clients, you can think about what you can offer that is different. There is a niche in every market, whether it be product offering or exceptional service.

2. Think about more than just money

Often, when sizing yourself up against competitors, it can be easy to lose sight of your client. What are their needs and wants? Creating a strong relationship with your client has a positive impact for you and your company. If your interactions seem largely transactional, your clients will form an opinion about you, and this may impact your reputation.

Those who go above and beyond to understand their clients are more likely to benefit from return business and may benefit from word of mouth referrals. This can give you more business, even during a slow period.

3. Use technology

Technology is all about efficiencies. In an era where clients expect information quickly and consistently, technologies can help you go above and beyond. Think about requesting information from government providers. In some cases, search requests could take more than a week to deliver. This means delaying your client and their quest for information. Streamlining these processes can mean the difference between impressing your clients or pushing them towards your competitors.

In line with offering top level service to our clients and focusing on increasing efficiencies, InfoTrack has recently released a Development Application (DA) report function that allows you to provide your clients with up to date information on all submitted DAs.

This means your clients learn about nearby changes that may impact their future property, before they make a purchase.  Changes could include:

  • Subdivision of land
  • Carrying out building work
  • Landscaping
  • And much more

Having a clear view of what’s going on around your client’s property, allows you to demonstrate your high level of commitment and service to your client, meaning they can make the best property choice.

How it works

If there’s a DA within 400m of the property your client is looking to purchase, InfoTrack will alert you. You can then order a copy off the DA report to reveal the details of any DA within 400m of your chosen property. The DA report is delivered immediately so you won’t have to wait like you would if you went through traditional channels.

Getting ahead of your competitors by being able to impress your clients with the fast delivery of important documents will make you stand out. It pays to go beyond due diligence and offer your clients documents or services they may not even realise they need.

If you are already a client of InfoTrack, simply click here to order your DA report today. Even if you aren’t an InfoTrack client, you can still order your DA report, simply create an account here.



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