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Our eConveyancing technology allows you to complete, sign and exchange contracts of sale on the go from any electronic device. Our secure electronic signing platform allows vendors and purchasers to sign from anywhere in the world as long as they have access to email and the internet -they don’t have to be in the same city for the contract to be executed. You no longer have to wait for couriers or make arrangements to see both parties, saving you significant time and creating a more efficient process for everyone involved. 

Easy verification of identity

Standarised workflow

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IDfy, InfoTrack's verification of identity (VOI) app, allows you to verify your clients without the need to scan or photocopy documents.

For each verification, a complete VOI report is returned, as well as being stored securely for 9 years.

IDfy can be downloaded on the App Store or Google Play.

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InfoTrack offers an online platform for the signing of electronic documents.

SignIT forms part of the intuitive electronic conveyancing workflow, allowing you to request signatures from the vendor and purchaser, without them needing an InfoTrack account.

You can also use SignIT for non-conveyancing documents.

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Our next-generation HelpDesk provides complimentary assistance for all our products.

Whether you log an issue online, or request a call at a time that suits you, we have the team and resources to support you.

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