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Our eConveyancing technology allows you to complete, sign and exchange contracts of sale on the go from any electronic device. Our secure electronic signing platform allows vendors and purchasers to sign from anywhere in the world as long as they have access to email and the internet -they don’t have to be in the same city for the contract to be executed. You no longer have to wait for couriers or make arrangements to see both parties, saving you significant time and creating a more efficient process for everyone involved.

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Our real estate products

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Real estate news & insights

Make sure you’re prepared for new off the plan legislation

How smart technology can assist with handling multi-lot developments and off-the plan developments In NSW, off-the-plan property buyers will soon be better protected as long-awaited legal changes come...

Hackers pick opportunities, not victims

Last year, Dani Venn, Masterchef finalist, fell victim to cybercrime when $250,000 was stolen from her family. She says the most important lesson she learned is not to give hackers opportunities. “Hac...

Why the real estate industry has reached a ‘technology intersection’

Today, The Real Estate Conversation released news of the real estate industry reaching a ‘technology intersection’. While innovation enables agents to automate and digitise their processes, it poses p...

How your property knowledge sets you apart from competitors

If you were purchasing a property, and there was development work approved for a neighbouring property, wouldn’t you want to know about it? When looking to purchase property, your clients should be as...

5 attributes of a successful firm

Whilst technological shifts lead the range of disruptive factors in the legal industry, here at FilePro we understand that lawyers are now driving change, rather than being ‘disrupted’. We work with f...

Is your firm adapting to changing consumer behaviour?

There was a time when a consumer’s purchasing needs and opportunities were restricted: when the shop closed, so did their ability shop. Business and shopping hours were finite and limited. Inevitably,...

E-conveyancing – it’s real and it exists today

E-conveyancing has been talked about in Australia for over 10 years and the conversation has typically revolved around electronic settlement. The terms e-conveyancing and e-settlements have been used ...

Five sales tips for legal and conveyancing practitioners

The perception of ‘sales’ from people not directly involved in sales tends to be that it’s a scary practice that they want to stay well clear of. Salespeople sometimes have a reputation of being pushy...

Important Update from InfoTrack CEO

InfoTrack CEO, John AhernI'd like to share an important development with you that is set to bring a new standard of property exchange to Australia.As you know, InfoTrack has been servicing the propert...