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Supporting our community

InfoTrack is committed to find ways in which we can reduce the impact of our work both in the office and remotely in order to positively contribute to our environment.

Giving back

Getting involved
We’re proud to get involved in our community and support a multitude of charities and causes that are close to the hearts of our people.
Koala adoption: Balmoral Mini
Adopted by InfoTrack in 2020 from Koala Hospital Port Macquarie NSW.

Sustainable single-use packaging

By choosing BioPak sustainable packaging, InfoTrack has contributed to positive change.
Offset 100 kg of carbon
That’s equivalent to driving 377 km in a new car. Reducing carbon emissions mitigates climate change.
Avoided 58 kg of plastic
Choosing more sustainable alternatives to finite fossil-based plastics helps fight plastic pollutions.
Supported tree planting
BioPak customers have helped plant 27,584 trees with Rainforest Rescue and Greenfleet.