Your end to end, off the plan property solution

PlanIT is an online portal that makes off-the-plan projects easier than ever. As a complete solution, PlanIT allows you to compile bulk contracts and communicate and collaborate with relevant parties. With PlanIT and SignIT you can easily prepare, sign and arrange settlements for your off-the-plan contracts online. No need to print, copy, collate, compile and post hundreds or thousands of pages of documents manually. Leave behind your excel spreadsheets for good with our ultimate off-the-plan platform. 

PlanIT is a widely used, trusted and reliable solution. It is easy to use. You can:
    • Create a project
      When creating a project, you simply specify the number of lots/units, address and project details.
    • Create a master contract
      Once you've created your project you can order parent titles, plans, dealings and other certificates. You can also import special conditions, unregistered plans, and other documents.
    • Manage your tasks seamlessly
      The flexible and intuitive platform helps you build strong client relationships, getting the job done efficiently and leaving you to focus on what matters. 
    • Compile and export
      Once you're satisfied with the master contract, you can compile the contracts for all lots with one click. You can customise individual contracts at a lot level or update all contracts at a master level. Choose to export all contracts as a zip file, as well as the ability to export all data into an Excel spreadsheet.
    • Electronic signing with SignIT
      When your contacts are ready to sign,  PlanIT seamlessly integrates with our electronic signing solution SignIT.  You can easily upload the contracts for your off-the-plan project to SignIT. Once uploaded, you can send the parties a link via email for signing. You can easily track who has and hasn't signed via the SignIT dashboard.
    • Integration into Document Management Systems
      PlanIT is now the only off the plan product that supports native integration from your document management system (DMS) directly into iManage and NetDocs. This seamless integration allows you to configure and sign PDF contracts which you can save directly back into your DMS. You also have the option to receive the SignIT completion certificate.

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Features & benefits

Portal Access
Easily connects you to your client and their agent allowing collaboration inside the PlanIT portal.
Compile hundreds of electronic contracts in minutes based on one master contract.
Edit contracts at a lot level to customise for individual lots.
Optional extras
Add optional extras to the property directly through the portal.
Electronic signing
Securely sign contracts via DocuSign with the ability to assign the signing order.
Send customised bulk or individual communications to all or selected lots in a project.
Reporting any time
Export all project data into an Excel spreadsheet for project reporting.
Check the progress of your development at any time from anywhere.