Simplifying your off-the-plan contracts

PlanIT is an online portal that makes off-the-plan projects easier than ever. Leave behind your excel spreadsheets for good with our ultimate off-the-plan platform. With PlanIT and SignIT you can easily prepare, sign and arrange settlements for your off-the-plan contracts online. No need to print, copy, collate, compile and post hundreds or thousands of pages of documents manually.

  1. Create a project
    When creating a project, you simply specify the number of lots/units, address and project details. 
  2. Create a master contract
    Once you've created your project you can order parent titles, plans, dealings and other certificates. You can also import special conditions, unregistered plans, and other documents. 
  3. Compile and export
    Once you're satisfied with the master contract, you can compile the contracts for all lots with one click. You can customise individual contracts at a lot level or update all contracts at a master level. Choose to export all Contracts as a zip file, as well as the ability to export all data into an Excel spreadsheet.
  4. Electronic signing with SignIT
    You can easily upload the contracts for your off-the-plan project to SignIT. Once uploaded, you can send the parties a link via email for signing. You can easily track who has and hasn't signed via the SignIT dashboard.

Want to know more about off-the-plan efficiency?

We’ve put together a flyer showing how you can use PlanIT for off-the-plan contracts.

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Features & benefits

Time saving
Order and compile hundreds of contracts in minutes.
Create one master contract with the ability to customise at a lot level.
Electronic exchange
Ease of exchange with SignIT creates a better experience for clients, legal practitioners and real estate agents.
Export all contracts into a zip file, as well as the ability to export all project data into an Excel spreadsheet.
Fully secure signing process via DocuSign. Tracked by the latest technology with an audit trail report provided post transaction.
Import your own contract templates to use with PlanIT's mail merge fields.