When you think about legal tech, words like innovation, digital revolution and efficiency spring to mind. But what about Australian-made? There have been plenty of Australian digital innovations from the cochlear implant to wifi and some big names have come from leading Australian innovators like Atlassian and Canva.

But in legal tech, there is only one provider who is Australian owned and operated since 2000.


InfoTrack hires home-grown talent from all over Australia and invests heavily in research and development, dedicating an entire team to building new, innovative products that respond to the challenges our clients face and keep their firms efficient. All InfoTrack development is carried out in house. Likewise, our HelpDesk, Sales and Account Management teams are all local.  


Born from one of Australia’s largest legal Practice Management systems, InfoTrack launched in the year 2000. The mission: to innovate the way the legal industry operates.

The new millennium was filled with optimism from entrepreneurs who saw the potential to create online businesses due to the ‘new internet-driven economy’. With the rising heat in technology stocks, our founder Christian Beck knew it was time to strike.

Christian’s entrepreneurial vision, his family’s rich knowledge and experience in the practice of law and his drive to innovate, led to the creation of InfoTrack. Christian foresaw the need for a digital solution that would enable lawyers to search online for important documents about property, people and companies. Traditionally, lawyers had to wait weeks for this information as it was manually compiled and posted through to them via snail mail.


InfoTrack began as an agile startup that innovated first and fast. This ethos still continues throughout the organisation today. From 2015, when the gradual rollout of electronic conveyancing was announced, InfoTrack rose to meet the demand, implementing end-to-end digital solutions to assist lawyers and conveyancers to complete their property matters.

During the COVID-19 pandemic of 2020, legal technology went from luxury to necessity overnight as lawyers and conveyancers had to transition to remote work, foregoing manual solutions and transitioning to digital.

During this period, InfoTrack thrived, repeatedly meeting the needs of lawyers, conveyancers, real estate agents and those in the banking and finance industry. The pandemic left many in a challenging position. Whilst this was a problem many could not escape, InfoTrack was in a great position to provide the profession with technological education and support through the difficult times. Our COVID-19 care packages offered relief, resources, solutions and dedicated training to understand each firm’s requirements during unprecedented times. Our clients appreciated our efforts, rewarding us with some of the highest product usage the company has seen.

Our mission: to innovate the way the legal industry operates.


“We've been driving the transition to e-Conveyancing for 21 years. InfoTrack is Australia's leading legal technology provider and will continue to stay at the forefront of industry changes, assisting the legal and conveyancing profession to successfully adopt award-winning, digital solutions."- John Ahern, CEO, InfoTrack

InfoTrack has always taken the position of being the advocate and voice to the property law industry. Whilst the industry is limited to a niche market; the network of Australian lawyers and conveyancers, our 4500+ products are purpose built for use outside of the primary target market we cater to.

We’re at the forefront of property market movement, staying up to date with both legislative changes and property data insights. We understand the power of digitising property transactions and help to protect Australian lawyers and conveyancers against risks like cyber fraud.

Our legal technology is first and fast, keeping our clients ahead of the rest.

We've been driving the transition to e-Conveyancing for 21 years. InfoTrack is Australia's leading legal technology provider and will continue to stay at the forefront of industry changes, assisting the legal and conveyancing profession to successfully adopt award-winning, digital solutions.

John Ahern, CEO, InfoTrack


Our ethos that we function as a start-up despite being a household name for law firms across Australia, underpins everything we do. Our company values stipulate we care about our team and our clients. This philosophy has been responsible for our recognition as Deloitte’s Best Managed CompanyTop 50 Great Place to Work and (ABA) Employer of ChoiceOur client facing teams are the proud recipient of the ABA Service Excellence award year after year for their outstanding Net Promoter Score (NPS) which is a global standard of customer loyalty and satisfaction.  

In 2019 and 2020, InfoTrack won the Australian Financial Review’s award for Most Innovative Company, placing us as the leading legal tech innovator in Australia.  


More than legal tech for lawyers and conveyancers, InfoTrack embodies the passions of Australians through sport – particularly sailing. The InfoTrack Supermaxi has competed each year in the Sydney to Hobart yacht race since 2017ranking within the top four and placing 2nd in 2019 

True to our caring form, InfoTrack is a proud supporter of the Sir David Martin FoundationThe Foundation is the primary funder of Mission Australia’s Triple Care Farm an award-winning, unique, holistic treatment centre providing vulnerable young Australians with a safe place to beat drug and alcohol addiction, prioritise their mental health and prepare for new opportunities. 

Every year, a small group of brave people from InfoTrack complete Abseil for Youth. This is a fundraising opportunity where the team abseil down from the 33rd floor of a city skyscraper.  

InfoTrack’s story is not like any other. We are wholly Australian owned and operated. We employ an Australian-based team who love what we do. A happy team member equals happy clients. We strive to be first in the market and release new Australian-developed products daily. We support our niche Australian legal and conveyancing market first and foremost 

True to Australian form, we actively embrace and celebrate diversity.  

Our DNA is our people, clients and innovation. 

InfoTrack’s Australian culture can’t be beat.