19 July 2019

Today, the Sydney Morning Herald shared a toxic secret that was kept from apartment owners in Erskineville.

Owners were barred from moving into their apartments for more than a year and were yesterday, blindsided by revelations toxic contamination was to blame after being told it was an ‘‘unforeseen planning issue’’.

It comes after the Herald revealed the City of Sydney has refused to allow residents to occupy the 127 homes – known as the Sugarcube apartments and Honeycomb terraces – since their completion in April 2018.

The council said Golden Rain, the developer behind constructions on the old Ashmore industrial estate, had failed to meet remediation requirements for asbestos, hydrocarbons and heavy metals.

Many of these Erskineville buyers, purchased their property off the plan, prior to it being built.

Had these owners be properly informed of the risk prior to their purchase, they may have changed their mind. Think about it, if a property you are looking up was at risk of contamination, wouldn't you want to know?

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