John Ahern

10 June 2019

InfoTrack cares about what we do and the people we work with. We take pride in identifying our client’s challenges quickly and providing technology solutions that create business efficiencies, always keeping top of mind your need for minimal disruption.

We understand the need for simple, efficient business processes so you focus on your clients. Now more than ever, there is a greater need to adapt to rapidly changing landscapes – both technological and compliance.

InfoTrack is with you every step of the way, supporting you as you navigate the challenges and opportunities technology can provide.

We've been at the forefront helping businesses through technology innovation for over 19 years and here’s just a few examples of how we've provided value for our clients recently:

  1. We have supported thousands of clients by creating workflow efficiencies. We recently reduced a 35-minute task down to 10 minutes for one client through integration with their Practice Management System.
  2. InfoTrack recently held a series of Risks and Rewards of e-Conveyancing seminars in Sydney, Melbourne and Brisbane. We delivered these seminars because we wanted to connect you with the stories of how others were dealing with the transition to e-conveyancing. The seminars were designed to bring together industry experts from practice, state government and legal technology to share their insights with you on how the conveyancing industry can adopt to the changing Australian legislative climate.

    We value your learning, which is why we livestreamed these seminars and made them available to everyone free of charge across the country. We also recorded these seminars to access online which entitles you 3 CPD points towards practice management and business skills to support your development.

  3. We helped clients remove the complexities associated with analysing company data using InfoTrack’s REVEAL visualisation report.

We know the conveyancing landscape, we know your specific market, and we understand the property, legal and conveyancing professions.

Smart technology can be a vital cornerstone to support your business productivity, efficiency and overall profitability. This is the value we strive to provide to our clients every single day.

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