02 May 2019

Despite its increased prominence and continued growth, the sharing economy won’t completely replace traditional economic networks anytime soon. It’s more likely to force existing industries to become more like the collaborative platforms that challenge them, with potential benefits for everyone involved.

As the adoption of e-conveyancing increases, there is a real threat that some lawyers and conveyancers won’t be able to make the transition and may be left behind. This is due to several factors such as the inability to price competitively, difficulty upskilling resources, a gap in technology knowledge or challenges with adopting new online processes.

How can we transform these threats into tomorrow’s opportunity?

At InfoTrack we have been thinking about how we can support our clients with answering this very question. SettleIT (in its newest form) has been further enhanced to offer our clients an opportunity to book their e-settlement processing needs via a shared economy of settlement agents.

The objective of this service aims to provide all practitioners with an opportunity to continue operating and potentially expand into other areas of practice by accessing professional support on demand, without having to invest in IT or upskilling resources, and without having to be registered with PEXA.

Here is how booking with SettleIT can benefit you.

  1. Not having to refer your client away for e-settlements and risk losing them when you are too busy.
  2. You can focus on performing the high-value components of your role involving client advisory, knowledge and communication.
  3. Remove the time-consuming administrative components of your job and give them to an experienced and efficient service provider who can offer you full control and transparency.
  4. Offer your client competitive fixed costs with healthier margins for you.

If you are interested in talking to us about taking advantage of the sharing economy when it comes to processing your e-settlements, speak to one of our SettleIT consultants today.



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