14 May 2019

Since its introduction in March 2017, PlanIT continues to be the most widely used solution in strong demand from top and mid-tier law firms, real estate agents and developers.

PlanIT is an electronic solution that simplifies the handling of multi-lot and off-the-plan developments. The PlanIT platforms allows our clients to create a master contract which will then generate individual contracts for each lot within a subdivision. These individual contracts are easily edited from a master or lot level. When it is time for signing, contracts can be executed electronically as an e-contract from anywhere or simply printed in hard copy.

Here are the top 4 reasons why PlanIT is the first choice for developments.

1. PlanIT is the most widely used, trusted and reliable solution.

• PlanIT is used by 83 of the top and mid-tier law firms in Australia
• 462 projects have been created containing over 21,000 lots
• 284 real estate agents’ access PlanIT via the agent portal
• 6400 contracts have successfully completed and were signed electronically
• Access has been provided to 142 developers to view project details and run daily reports.

2. Clients who use PlanIT benefit from its premium features.

Logie-Smith Lanyon Lawyers currently have two large development projects of off-the-plan apartments using PlanIT. Michael Lanyon, Founding Partner says that “our developer clients value the ability to access the site to view all documents and track the progress of their development.” The Head of Property Developments, Tracey Bartlett also values “the ability to have all parties sign and exchange a paperless contract of sale simultaneously even when the purchaser is interstate or overseas, which is immeasurable.”

3. You can take PlanIT anywhere, anytime.

PlanIT is built on highly secure, available and scalable Amazon Web Services (AWS) infrastructure. This flexible technology powers a solution that is scalable, customisable and highly sophisticated. PlanIT is a cloud solution, so the portal can be accessed via your PC, smartphone, tablet or other device no matter where you are and without installing any apps or software. Whether your project has 5 lots or 5000, the process is the same!

4. InfoTrack offers premium support to clients who use PlanIT

Support for PlanIT is available 24/7, recognising that property can be sold anywhere at any time. Support staff are also available to provide a personalised service, facilitating on-site support for signing at launch days and open days.

To find out more about PlanIT or to have a confidential discussion on using PlanIT for your off-the-plan developments, please contact

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