01 December 2019

ABC News recently reported rising identity fraud figures. In 2007, 3.1% of Australians had experienced identity fraud but in 2014-2015, it had jumped to 6.4%. It is unsurprising that these figures are likely to rise again.

While the onus is on individuals to keep their identity documentation safe, those who request identity documentation can also make sure that the person providing those documents is who they say they are.

Lawyers for example, who need to verify the identity of their clients to action certain proceedings, now have access to an Australian first, remote verification of identity (VOI) solution that securely emulates face to face identify checks using video technology.

This solution comes at a time when lawyers need to prepare for a potential uptick in synthetic identity fraud attacks and the registration of fraudulent property transactions. Whilst ARNECC’s Model Participation Rules offers a VOI standard, a lot is left to the lawyer’s discretion to take reasonable steps when it comes to identifying remote clients.

Currently, 50% of InfoTrack clients are now completing Verification of Identity (VOI) checks through remote channels. This means confidence is rising in technology driven, remote VOI. Our remote solution offers lawyers four layers of identity verification smarts.

Enter WebVOI, InfoTrack’s premium Verification of Identity solution. Our newest video feature means you can be sure your clients are who they say they are with real time video recording. The video verification feature gives you the option to ask your clients to video themselves speaking a randomly generated code.

How does video verification work?

Once requested, the video can only be recorded in real time, and not uploaded, giving you increased confidence that it is your client being verified. As part of the review process, you will then be able to watch the recorded video and confirm the code on your screen matches the code in your client's recorded video.

In addition to video verification, WebVOI’s remote solution uses thee other rigorous checks:

  • An Australian Government database to confirm details on the identity documents are valid.
  • Facial recognition to detect facial patterns regardless of angle, lighting, facial hair or if the user is wearing glasses.
  • Optical Character Recognition that extracts text from images and auto fills this data into WebVOI, to ensure data is entered accurately. For you, this means no manual data entry, reducing the risk of mistakes.

Why use WebVOI?

  • Lawyers now have access to an Australian first remote verification of identity (VOI) solution that securely emulates face to face identify checks using video technology.
  • Video verification offers another layer of authentication, increasing your confidence that your client is who they say they are.
  • No matter the angle, facial recognition technology can match a photograph to identity documentation.
  • The benefit of remote verification is your client can complete the VOI anywhere at any time. This caters for your client, no matter where you or they are these holidays.

Over the next 12 months, the Commonwealth Bank of Australia reported that 76% of the legal market intended to increase spending on IT hardware, software and cyber security. If this is your firm, we want you to feel confident that you can complete your due diligence accurately and with ease. So much so, that we are offering you the opportunity to try WebVOI in December and January with our compliments. It's our way of combating identity fraud.

This offer is for new clients or current InfoTrack clients who have never used WebVOI before. Firms can submit an unlimited number of WebVOI requests between 1 December 2019 and 31 January 2020. No App required.

For new clients, to order your complimentary WebVOI, start using InfoTrack today. No commitment, no subscription.

For current clients, login and order your complimentary WebVOI today.



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