Louise Burland

29 January 2019

In the third part of Peta Stewart’s series, she explains how using technology like Perfect Portal has created greater transparency and helped her meet the evolving needs of her clients. You can check out Peta's advice on e-conveyancing here and business development here.

How have the expectations of your customers changed in the last couple of years?

Customers expect speed and efficiency more than ever before. With the rapid advancement of smartphones, branding and online services, people want information at their fingertips. They don’t want to wait and they don’t want to be confined to business hours. People expect to have access to information 24 hours a day.

They also want to know who you are, they want be able to find out about you before making a decision to make contact with you. They want to make their own decision about whether they will like you or not or you are the right person for them. People don’t want a sales pitch, they want information at their fingertips to make up their own minds.  They want solutions not services.

How have you responded to this change?

By combining a strong personal brand with the most advanced technology. The strong personal branding allows people to get to know me, to feel connected to me and trust me well before they have decided to contact me. Pair that with the most advanced practice systems and I am providing them with them with the speed and efficiency they demand. They have access to information 24 hours a day and this empowers them making them feel connected with their matter and content.

What would you want your customers to say about the customer service they get from you?

Efficient, stress free, high communication, highly competent and trustworthy.

Keen to hear more from Peta? Tune into her Perfect Portal Webinar E-conveyancing starts with good business development.

Louise Burland

Louise Burland

Louise is the Marketing Manager at Perfect Portal, the online sales and marketing solution for legal professionals and conveyancers.

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