27 March 2019

InfoTrack CEO, John Ahern

I'd like to share an important development with you that is set to bring a new standard of property exchange to Australia.

As you know, InfoTrack has been servicing the property industry for almost 20 years. We speak to our clients every day and security has become a mounting concern as transactions continue to move online. In 2018, the ACCC received 24,291 reports of phishing.

Our recent focus groups revealed that property transactions have become a huge target for cyber criminals and sending account details via email and SMS is no longer safe. Hackers have sophisticated ways of intercepting these types of communications to redirect funds into fraudulent accounts. I'm sure you've seen many news stories recently about online property fraud. We need to protect practitioners from the serious financial, legal and reputational damage that can result from a successful cyber-attack.

We have been working tirelessly with our clients and stakeholders to provide the industry with a solution that will safeguard property deposit funds from hackers. The result is Securexchange; a secure website that protects communications and guarantees deposit funds. Securexchange allows you and the other verified parties in a conveyance to confirm account details and organise the deposit and exchange in a safe environment.

This solution is currently available at no charge and you can create an account profile in a matter of minutes.

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