30 April 2019

Industry terms and acronyms

E-settlements Electronic settlements refers to conveyancing transactions settled via a platform electronically.
E-conveyancing Electronic conveyancing refers to the end to end workflow in property exchange.
CAF Client Authorisation Form enables a practitioner to act on behalf of a client by signing and approving documentation.
VOI Verification of Identity is an identification process that supports the e-Conveyancing compliance framework.
ARNECC Australian Registrars' National Electronic Conveyancing Council, a body comprised of the Registrars from all Australian States and Territories.
Digital Signature Encrypted electronic data intended for the exclusive use of a particular person as a means of identifying that person as the sender of an electronic communication or the signer of a document.
ELNO Electronic lodgement network operator, the party operating the electronic platform. The first ELNO in Australia is PEXA.
MOR Model Operating Requirements, the rules governing the relationship between the ELNO and the land title registries. These are the requirements on which the NSW Operating Requirements are based.
MPR Model Participation Rules, the rules governing the relationship between the ELNO and subscribers, participants in the system such as lawyers. These are the rules on which the NSW Participation Rules are based.
Representative A lawyer or conveyancer who acts on behalf of a client.
Subscriber A person or entity authorised to conduct electronic conveyancing transactions using the ELNO on behalf of a client, such as lawyers or conveyancers, or on their own behalf, such as financial institutions and government agencies.

Source: Office of the Registrar General

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