Louise Burland

18 December 2018

Peta Stewart is a Certified Practising Conveyancer and winner of The 2018 Australian Institute of Conveyancer's President Award. In the second interview in the Perfect Portal series, she shares how she's using Perfect Portal to develop her business and improve client experience.  You can check out the first part of the series on e-conveyancing here.


What is Perfect Portal?

Perfect Portal is a program I use for producing quotes, monitoring quote conversion and providing an interactive platform for my clients to view the progress of their matter in real time.

How does Perfect Portal help you with business development?

I am able to view geographically where my quotes are coming from, what percentage of quotes are converted into sales and also monitor financial trends with my marketing timelines. I also am able to closely evaluate where referrals/leads are coming from and the value of repeat business. This provides excellent tools for me to predict work flow and what areas need more focus.

Brand image is important to you. Why?

In a digital era where there is less face to face contact with our clients we need to do more to gain their trust. Having a strong, authentic and consistent brand allows me to show clients my values and the solutions I provide. My brand allows them to feel a connection with me before we have even communicated.

How does Perfect Portal help you monitor your firm's performance?

All leads/referrals are recorded and I can monitor what value of work is repeat business, client referral or business associated referral. By closely monitoring this I can ensure we are always focusing on the correct relationships and ensuring a high satisfaction rate with repeat business. I can closely monitor what percentage of quotes are converted to sales and address any fluctuations. The geographical heat map has been excellent in demonstrating if my target marketing tools have been working. What areas are successful and which may need more input.

If you'd like to see how Perfect Portal can help you grow your business in a challenging property market, click here to book a demo

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