14 May 2020

Earlier this year, ARNECC released updated Model Participation Rules, one of which covered Cyber Security Training for lawyers. Model Participation Rule 7.2 outlines that ARNECC conducted a security review and cyber security awareness training was recommended. The reason being that “Cyber security is of broader relevance to Subscribers and is not limited to transactions with land.”

What is the recommendation?

ARNECC shared the following information as insight to the recommendation regarding Subscribers undergoing Cyber Security Training.

“As electronic conveyancing is moving into the new decade, it is imperative that the legal framework governing the industry is robust. In this regard, ARNECC commissioned an independent review of the cyber security requirements currently placed on Electronic Lodgment Network Operators (ELNOs) and Subscribers under the Model Participation Rules (MPRs) and the Model Operating Recommendations (MORs) to understand whether they represent industry best practice for mitigating against cyber fraud within the boundaries of what is within the Registrars’ power under the Electronic Conveyancing National Law to require.

Recommendations from this review have resulted in a number of amendments to the MPRs and MORs and ARNECC will continue to implement security improvements to ensure cyber risks are proactively managed, including the ongoing reinforcement and  communication of best practice cyber security awareness principles to ELNOs and Subscribers.”

What does this mean for my firm?

Cyber security scams and hacking are unfortunately on the rise. Protecting your firm’s private information and keeping your client’s data safe goes a long way to enhancing your reputation and growing your business. With this in mind, InfoTrack has partnered with CryptoAustralia to offer you complimentary Cyber Security Awareness Training.

By completing Cyber Security Awareness Training, you and your staff can learn more about how to identify fraud activity, how to protect yourself from hacking attempts and what to do if your computer is hacked. For 1 CPD unit, the training can be completed anywhere at any time and covers:

  • What is payment redirection fraud?
  • How does payment redirection fraud work?
  • How to tell if you have been hacked
  • What to do if you get hacked
  • What to ask your IT provider
  • Cyber insurance

The training consists of two 30-minute online presentation modules. To complete the online training and receive certification, both training videos must be watched and the quiz for each section, completed.

Cyber security is now more important than ever before, and it is crucial to use secure platforms. Hacking and cyber security challenges don’t stop while a crisis like COVID-19 impacts all of us. InfoTrack’s suite of cloud-based products have been built for lawyers to use anywhere, anytime ensuring their firms remain productive and efficient. To find out how you can keep your firm safe from hacking, get started with InfoTrack today.



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