National firms online services

We are constantly innovating and adding new searches and services to our offering so that you are equipped with the best and latest technology to move your business into the future.

We provide the legal industry with a full national searching service for all your property, corporate and personal searching and affiliated services.

Manual services booking system

Our experienced and dedicated team provides a complete range of manual services across all states and territories including: settlements, stamping, lodging, document registrations, and court filing.

InfoTrack’s manual service system offers real time updates of manual services work - there is no better way to log, review and track progress of your manual work. You can now easily book and track all your matters directly through our online system, which our clerks have access to anytime, anywhere.

This level of automation offers you a seamless customer experience that gives you peace of mind and ensures you’ll never be left waiting for updates.

Placing the power in your hands

The beauty of our specially designed mobile application is that it enables our clerks to provide real-time updates while they’re on the go, ensuring you always know where your matter stands and have complete control over the process.

We work tirelessly to provide our clients with the best service in the industry. We don’t achieve our targets until you meet yours.


InfoTrack is dedicated to providing comprehensive support and free training to our clients, especially when rolling out to larger firms and national clients. We take the time to truly understand your business model so we can confidently offer first class, regular, state based training sessions to get your staff up and running in no time.

Whilst our system is intuitive and simple to use, there are many free preview features and functionalities that we can demonstrate to clients to avoid costs on unnecessary searches. Our training sessions can be customised to meet the needs of a specific practice group or offered on one to one basis if required. We design our training sessions so that not all staff are out of one division at the same time limiting the disruption of your firm.

Projects & Bulk Searching

We know that your staff’s time is valuable so InfoTrack can assist with ordering high volume searches or can attend to the application of searches for complex projects. This Includes investigation with authorities to determine available results or rating. We can also assist with providing interpretative searching to obtain title identification, easements, restrictions or land benefited or burdened. A service fee is applicable and quotations will be provided for all project prior to proceeding.


InfoTrack has successfully transitioned 18 national firms over the last two years to our online searching platform and manual registration services. As a result, we have gained a deep understanding of best practices for change management and developed a seamless implementation process. We carefully design and customise the initial transition to best fit the specific needs of your offices.

A key factor that has contributed to the successful implementation of our services into national law firms is our holistic approach. We ensure to involve not only the key decision makers, but to engage with all the stakeholders across the business including:

  • users
  • accounts department
  • I.T. for possible integration and general system settings
  • trainer and knowledge manager

During implementation we provide multiple state based training sessions. In these sessions, users are shown how to use the InfoTrack system and given the opportunity to personally meet with key local contacts from InfoTrack.