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Employee benefits

iCare is our comprehensive employee benefits package and yet another example of why InfoTrack is a great place to work. We are unapologetic for demanding high performance because we know that’s what sets us apart. We expect wholehearted enthusiasm, excitement and an effort that overshadows any feeling of obligation. Because it’s more than just a job with InfoTrack, it’s a love for what you do. We recognise that it’s our people who make the difference and iCare is how we look after our staff so they feel engaged, valued, healthy, motivated and rewarded.

Personal development

Personal development

InfoTrack has successfully grown due to the ongoing investment in our people. We provide many opportunities for people to develop themselves and progress in their careers.
We want our people to receive real-time feedback and have continuous conversations about their performance and development. At InfoTrack our strategy is to support our people in setting individual personal development plans whilst having ongoing conversations with their manager about their performance and growth. Every 4 months our people have retrospectives with their managers to reflect on their achievements, how they have lived our values and contributed to our culture across the last third
Our aim is to grow our people to be the best versions of themselves through awareness, coaching and training. We facilitate numerous leadership development programs to help people grow both professionally and personally to prepare the next generation of leaders at InfoTrack
Whether you want to learn more about InfoTrack’s products or industry hot topics, we’ve got regular lunchtime sessions delivered by our own internal experts to help you continue to grow and stay ahead of the game.
At InfoTrack we embrace collaboration as it fosters innovation. Each third our people have an opportunity to propose their ideas for the future of InfoTrack and have a chance to present these ideas at our company strategy meetings.
Each third all our developers have an opportunity to participate in a hackathon to use their creativity to design software that could benefit the business.

Health and wellbeing

We care about the people we work with so it is important to us that they feel supported and have access to tools and programs that benefit their well-being.
A fueled-up body means our minds are ready to achieve our best. We offer complimentary lunches throughout the week and keep our kitchens stocked with fresh fruit, bread, cereal, vegetables, spreads, coffee and snacks daily.
Our Employee Assistance Program provides online and in-person support. InfoTrack employees and their families can access free and confidential therapy with highly experienced Psychologists and Counsellors. We also provide additional support through an online wellness portal where employees can access helpful tools and resources.
It’s important to us that our people feel supported and can take the time that they need when their families grow. Therefore, we offer a generous paid parental leave scheme that offers various types of support for both primary and secondary carers.
Keep fit and stay active with a Fitness First Platinum membership that gives you access to any Fitness First club in Australia. Sneak in a lunch time HIIT class or after work training session
From soccer to netball to basketball and group HIIT training sessions, we’ve got you covered. No matter your skill level we’re a team on and off the field.

Reward and recognition

At InfoTrack it’s our people that set us apart. We have numerous ways we like to acknowledge exemplary performance and show how much we appreciate hard work.
Our employees are some of the hardest working and motivated in the country, and we want them to share in our success. Having some skin in the game helps to keep up that determination and spur on growth.
We like to recognise our employees all year round, not just at performance reviews. When someone goes above and beyond, they deserve a shoutout in front of the whole company and we make sure they’re rewarded for their effort.
Our employee-driven reward program allows our people to recognise each other for when they go above and beyond. Monthly winners receive a $200 gift certificate and the yearly winner receives a trip of a lifetime – literally!
We work hard at InfoTrack but we love to celebrate our successes as a team. Every month we come together as a company to celebrate and recognise individuals who have passed probation, service anniversaries, birthdays and share any achievements or milestones that our people have attained outside of works.


Our workplace culture drives everything we do. We want people to feel engaged and empowered every time they walk into the office, and that starts with the positive, inclusive, and collaborative environment we have cultivated.
Our employees work hard and we want to make sure they have the opportunity to blow off some steam. From video games to pool and ping-pong tournaments, to Friday night drinks, we make sure there is fun to be had by all.
Our employees are some of the hardest working and motivated in the country, and we want them to share in our success. Our referral program reward our people who find other talent to join our InfoTrack family.
We foster an environment for creativity and development, no matter if you’re working from home or the office. From chill-out rooms with beanbags and Xboxes to innovation rooms, zoom calls and hackathons for brainstorming and ideation, we find ways to come together and consistently deliver market-first innovations.
There’s always something going on at InfoTrack, whether it’s in person or virtual we work hard and we like to have fun. Some of that includes cultural celebrations, festive parties, charity events, pizza nights, sausage sizzles and more!


As a company we believe that we have the power to make a difference. It is our responsibility to make positive changes and use our influence for the greater good of the world around us.
We are passionate about employing diverse people within our company and with the assistance of JobSupport we can provide those with intellectual disabilities a satisfying job within our vibrant office environment.
From the Abseil for Youth to the CEO Sleepout, Movember and Australia’s Biggest Morning Tea, InfoTrack is passionate about supporting good causes