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Litigation depends on quick and accurate extraction of information from large volumes of documents. Optimising the extraction process and compiling information into a database can achieve significant benefits, such as: 

  • information consistency,  
  • easy access,  
  • improved compliance, 
  • straightforward analytics,  
  • better reusability,  
  • and increased integration into multiple computer systems.  

Making progress towards this can be achieved using InfoTrack’s electronic litigation solutions. 

E-litigation Products

What can your firm hope to achieve by digitising your workflow and business processes? 

  • Reducing operational costs and improving the efficiency of core business processes  
  • Ensuring regulatory compliance  
  • Ensuring the availability of critical business documents for business continuity and disaster recovery  
  • Enabling opportunities for revenue enhancement, including the ability to communicate across multiple channels and potentially attract new business partners and customers 
  • Enabling new ways of doing business – such as making use of distributed processes and distributed workforces Integrating structured data with unstructured data by tying transaction records to their associated documentation. 

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