Family Law

Our clients lament the manual administration work litigators have to complete each day and the challenges they face completing basic paperwork. It’s not uncommon to hear them speak about losing time on basic administration tasks like downloading, printing, signing and scanning documents for the court system.

InfoTrack delivers a range of services to help you stay up to date on matter progress meaning you can focus on more important elements like spend more time with clients and growing your firm.

Encrypted documents

Reduce manual administration tasks

Integrated into your Practice Management System

Stay up to date

Complimentary training and support

More time to focus on clients

Introducing Court Sync™

Court Sync™ is a document syncing service designed for litigators to keep their matters up to date when documents are received from the Commonwealth Court Portal. Once documents, orders and judgements are submitted, LEAP clients can click the ‘Court Sync’ button and any updated documents will automatically be added back into the matter.

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