How do I find out my property boundaries?

When you’re looking to buy or sell a property, it’s important that you check your property boundary lines.
Property Boundaries

What are my property boundary lines?

A boundary line is an invisible line that legally divides plots of land. They are determined by land surveyors who lay out property lines on a map and may set markers on boundaries.

How can I find my property boundaries?

There are two ways that you can determine your boundary lines:

1. Serve a Boundary Notice

A Boundary Notice is a written notice that informs your neighbour that you intend to find out where the boundary lines are. While there isn’t a set form to follow for submitting a Boundary Notice, they should explain that you will be hiring a registered surveyor if you and your neighbour can’t agree on a common boundary.

After serving a Boundary Notice, your neighbour has 7 days to show where they think the boundary line is by either marking it out with pegs or hiring their own surveyor.

2. Hire a registered surveyor

If your neighbour doesn’t hire a surveyor or peg their boundary line within a month, you can hire a registered surveyor to define the boundary lines. Typically, costs will be distributed equally amongst neighbours. However, if your neighbour responds to your Boundary Notice by pegging out the boundary line and the surveyor confirms your neighbours markings to be correct, they are entitled to claim any costs that have incurred.
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