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18 December 2018

In November, we finalised a new partnership with Law Institute Victoria that enables us to offer the official LIV Contract of Sale of Real Estate through the InfoTrack platform. You can now purchase and edit the LIV Contract through InfoTrack and complete it electronically or print it out manually.

Since the launch of the new contract, we've listened to initial feedback from early adopters and have continued to develop a number of features to allow for an improved workflow for all parties to the transaction. Here's a quick overview of some of the main updates. 

Agent Portal

In addition to ordering the LIV Contract, you can now easily share it with your Real Estate Agent through our new Agent Portal. It's an online portal that simplifies the sending, receiving and signing of contracts for you, your client and your agents. The agent portal provides one place for Real Estate Agents to manage all their contracts and enables them to add purchaser details straight into the Contract with the option to electronically sign, print or email the Contract. 

Easier ordering

You can order the LIV Contract and Section 32 along with your Property Enquiries. If you've already ordered your searches and certificates, you have the option to go back into the completed list and order both the LIV Contract and Section 32 together, or the Section 32 on its own. The Contract and Section 32 will be compiled with the corresponding searches. 

Improved watermark 

The watermark is now only displayed on the General and Special Conditions pages of the Contract, as required under the LIV license to ensure the protection of copyright and integrity of the document. When you're creating the Contract, we notify you of the watermark in advance and seek confirmation of the address before you place the order.

We are very excited about this new partnership with LIV and will continue to seek feedback from you to further enhance our VIC Contract services. 

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