A high performance workplace

In every business, you should surround yourself with high performers to firmly guarantee an industry-leading team that fires on all cylinders. At InfoTrack, the number one information broker in Australia, that’s exactly what we do.

No matter what department you work in at InfoTrack, you'll be surrounded by intelligent, dedicated and determined colleagues.

Coming to work like the average person really means that InfoTrack isn't the place for you. Because it's not just a job here at InfoTrack, it's a love and a passion for what you do each and every single day you come to work.

A day in the life at InfoTrack

How do you use your 24hrs each day?

Life at InfoTrack is fast-paced, demanding and exciting. No two days will be the same so you have to be ready to hit the ground running when you start with us.

To work at InfoTrack you need to wake up with a special drive every day. We expect unbridled enthusiasm, excitement and an effort that overshadows any feeling of obligation - because it’s not a job with InfoTrack, it’s a passion and a love for what you do.

At InfoTrack, we walk the walk and value authenticity and honesty. We are second to none, so we have extremely high standards for our employees and expect them to overachieve and surpass the goals we set.

We are unapologetic for demanding high performance because we make sure we take care of our own. We only keep the best and once an employee makes the cut, we ensure they’re acknowledged for all the hard work and dedication they put into making InfoTrack one of the Great Places to Work. 

Life at InfoTrack is fast paced and exciting