Terms and Conditions 

  1. The SettleIT order must be booked by 28 February 2019 and successfully settle via PEXA to qualify for the discount.
  2. Offer only applies to SettleIT orders in New South Wales and Victoria (excludes standard e-Settlement bookings).
  3. InfoTrack will discount the total cost of the SettleIT order by $112.64 including GST (the equivalent value of the PEXA settlement fee); reducing the regular cost of the order from $165.00 to $52.36 which will be charged on settlement.
  4. The PEXA fee is still payable to PEXA on settlement.
  5. The full SettleIT fee of $165.00 will apply for all manual settlements.
  6. Standard InfoTrack Terms and Conditions and Terms of Use

To get in touch with the SettleIT team call 02 9099 7490 (NSW) or 03 8609 4750 (VIC) or email settleitteam@infotrack.com.au.