How to drive more efficiency in your business

When finding operational efficiencies, the first place to start is to find options that alleviate your pain points.

This could be:

  • Using end-to-end workflows that make better use of your time
  • Finding technology that already suits your business needs and capabilities
  • Gaining more confidence in e-conveyancing

Integration into your existing Practice Management System is key to solving many of your pain points.

How we help

Creating efficiency

Imagine spending less time on a matter, from verification through to settlement.

Real-time integration
All search results and related costs are returned directly back to your matter in real-time, with no delay.
Easy installation
Our integration technology can be installed on-site or remotely and with zero downtime.
No re-keying data
Data fields are mapped directly from your practice management system into InfoTrack for easy searching.
Party search
For ASIC, PPSR and all corporate related searching, the party information selected in your practice management system can be searched using InfoTrack.
Document management
InfoTrack allows you to save .pdfs of your search results to a variety of document management systems.
Cost recovery
Save money by avoiding disbursement write-offs with real-time cost recovery.