SettleIT pricing, payment & billing information

  1. The cost of your SettleIT transaction is billed on settlement.
  2. The total cost of the SettleIT transaction is $180.00 + GST per transaction. This includes:
    a. PEXA fee: $112.64 (inc GST)
    b. SettleIT agent fee: $85.36 (inc GST)
  3. The SettleIT agent fee will appear on your settlement figures and is paid directly to your SettleIT agent, from the settlement funds, on settlement.
  4. No charge will appear on your InfoTrack account. A tax invoice will be supplied per transaction on completion of settlement for your records.
  5. An urgent fee of an additional $100.00 + GST will be payable if the order is placed within 72 hours of settlement; if required documents are not provided until within 72 hours of settlement, an urgency fee may also apply.
  6. Standard InfoTrack Terms and Conditions and Terms of Use

To get in touch with the SettleIT team call 02 9099 7490 (NSW) or 03 8609 4750 (VIC) or email