On 30 January 2012, all personal property security interests in Australia made the transition to a single national register known as the Personal Property Securities Register (PPSR). The PPSR is a national online register that can provide information to help limit your risk when buying personal property.

InfoTrack is a licensed Personal Property Securities Register (PPSR) broker. As such, InfoTrack offers you the ability to perform a PPSR Search with ease. InfoTrack’s PPSR Search tool provides a simple way to search for interests in personal property other than land or buildings such as: Organisational Grantor, Individual Grantor, Serial Number, Registration or Ordinal searches.

Key features of PPSR Searches

  • PPSR bulk order functionality with auto verification of ACN, ABN & Name.
  • Auto settings to group orders into a single email.
  • Auto issue email of specific PPSR results eg. Summary, Certificates and Attachments, or selected results.
  • Flexible delivery options from home page of PPSR results list – Summary, Certificates, Excel options.
  • Re-issue results options anytime at no extra cost– Certificates, Summary, Excel.
  • Verification and auto match of Name/ACN/ABN.
  • Ability to export your PPSR Search to excel format to sort and manage results.
  • Search three PPSR criteria at once including ASIC Company Search.
  • After your PPSR search has been ordered, free access to REVEAL, data visualisation of your PPSR Search result.

Key Benefits of Ordering a PPSR Search with InfoTrack

  • Ability to search the PPSR for security interests over an item of personal property.
  • Ability to create and manage current Secure Party Groups and Registrations.
  • Quick access to company ‘current charges’ information no longer held by ASIC.
  • Having critical information handy to provide your clients with all the data they need.
  • An ability to identify all risks for your clients and their business

Types of PPSR Searches Available

  • Organisational Grantor search- identify whether an organisation has any registrations over their personal property.
  • Individual Grantor search - identify whether an individual has any registrations over their personal property
  • Serial Number search- identify registrations for
    • Motor Vehicle
    • Watercraft
    • Aircraft
    • Intellectual Property
  • Registration search allows users to enter a specific registration number and retrieve its details
  • Ordinal search allows users to determine the order of any two specified registration events. A registration event is something has a change number allocated to it, or is an expiry date.

Secured Party Groups (SPGs)

InfoTrack gives clients the ability to create a secured party group, manage PPSR registrations.

A secured party group is the individual or organisation who holds a security interest in personal property (PPSR). A secured party group is a system construct used by the PPSR to help secured parties manage their registrations.