Save time

Save up to 3 hours analysing complex company structures through a single page visualisation

Reduce error

Reduce human error and minimise business risk through automatic population of data and aggregated results

Work in one system

REVEAL is integrated seamlessly into your searches whether you're searching through our website or your PMS


Save snapshots of your workspace as you go


Reorder an existing search directly from within your REVEAL workspace

Merge nodes

Merge duplicate entities and choose which data will appear for the new singular entity


View changes between old and new searches


View a list of related searches and certificates

Share workspaces

Send a read-only copy of the workspace to anyone via email.


Shareholder percentages

Easily highlight shareholders of a company and view the percentages they hold in relation to each class of shares. 


Filter your results by company, persons, addresses, documents or relationships (including directors, shareholders, grantors and secured parties).


View a visual timeline of changes to corporate structure at important points in time such as cause of action, payment to preferred creditors or disposal of assets.


Easily locate addresses of entities and identify clusters of properties using our Google maps feature.


View a timeline of specific events including appointment of directors and secretaries and change of registered business address.


Customise the format of your workspace to best suit your needs.


Export or email information within the workspace as an Excel spreadsheet, PDF or image.

Add entities

Add your own custom entities to the workspace including people, addresses or trusts to display all relevant relationships. 


Continue searching through the workspace by clicking on any entity. Data will be prepopulated into your search to streamline the process.