How much does it cost to use REVEAL?

REVEAL is free for all InfoTrack clients.

Can I print a REVEAL display?

Yes, simply export to Excel, PDF or Image and then click print.

Can you use REVEAL with an ASIC Personal Name Search?


Is the REVEAL diagram date stamped?

Upon exiting the diagram, your work space will be date and time stamped.

Is there a way to show shareholding of each shareholder?

REVEAL will show the percentage of holding for each shareholder in a company and what class of shares.

Can you click on entities and search the properties that entity might own?

Yes, REVEAL offers on-searching from directly within the workspace.

Is REVEAL limited to Current ASIC Company Extracts?

REVEAL has a timeline feature which, if a Historical Extract has been ordered, will show you the points in time which the company might have changed.

Will you see properties owned by individuals in the REVEAL workspace?

All property search results will be returned to the documents tab for easy viewing.

I would like to add a new entity that is not searchable but relevant to the matter, is this possible?

REVEAL allows you to add an entity to the workspace including trusts, people and documents.

Can you remove entities or addresses from the workspace?

Yes, simply use the filter options available to remove entities not relevant to your diagram or remove each one individually by right-clicking.

How long will REVEAL be free of charge?

REVEAL is a value add piece and at this stage InfoTrack has no plans to add pricing to this.

Can you use REVEAL for Title Searches?

For Companies, Individuals and Addresses, the follow on search function allows you to perform Land Searches to identify property owned. You can then do a Title Search on this property.

Is there any way to add further notes to a diagram?

You are able to add notes to the REVEAL diagram via the notes function.

Do all follow on searches show results in the workspace, for example, a Person Locator Search?

All ASIC, PPSR and AFSA Searches and their relationships add back into the diagram. Additional searches are stored within the documents section within REVEAL for easy access.