Regulated Vegetation Management Map

When you request a property report for a specific area in Queensland, you will receive relevant property information and a series of maps and supporting information outlining the requirements for clearing vegetation on this land. The regulated vegetation management map is one of these maps which shows vegetation categories needed to determine clearing requirements.

It also incorporates existing property maps of assessable vegetation and future property maps of assessable vegetation, high value regrowth mapping, topographic watercourse features, remnant regional ecosystem mapping and remnant cover mapping, and the cadastre as represented by the digital cadastral data base at the time of compilation.

Maps are updated monthly to show new property maps of assessable vegetation.

The report will enable you to determine:

  • if you can clear vegetation under an exemption  
  • what self-assessable code you may be able to use
  • if clearing may be undertaken under an area management plan
  • if you should apply for a development approval.

You can gain this map through the InfoTrack system.