Settlement Adjustment Sheet

InfoTrack offers a simple settlement adjustment sheet tool that allows Victorian practitioners and conveyancers to accurately prepare Statement of Adjustments for all conveyancing matters.

If you are calculating your adjustments manually or your practice management system does not offer a settlement adjustment calculator, this handy tool allows you to quickly and simply perform complex financial calculations, and allows you the option of printing in preparation for settlement. 

Settlement Adjustment Sheet features

  • Ability to easily enter data
  • Minimal Data input required to start the adjustment
  • Pre-loaded adjustment types for example Rates, Parks Charge and Water Usage
  • Custom field available to add your own adjustment descriptions
  • Proportional calculator functionality to assist with subdivision calculations
  • Include ‘Both dates’ options for single adjustments
  • Automatic calculation of adjustment upon entering date range and levied amount
  • Automatically calculates Vendor and Purchaser allocations
  • Easily Print, Save or Copy into Microsoft Word or PDF

Benefits of the Settlement Adjustment Sheet

  • Data is entered only once and the data is retained for review or future amendment
  • Easily complete cheque directions
  • Fees automatically update when legislation or price changes
  • Changes to settlement dates are easily recalculated
  • Complex calculations can be completed effortlessly
  • Save significant time and money compared to a manual process
  • Little to no training required