Corporate law

  • Significantly reduce your hours spent on interpreting ASIC Company and Business Name searches, PPSR Search and Bankruptcy Search data with accurate aggregated data
  • Provide quicker due diligence checks on acquisitions for clients with the ability to easily perform follow on searches
  • Swiftly understand a company your client is dealing with and offer the visual detail needed to assist with the completion of the transaction

Wills & estates

  • Improve your ability to set the scene for the will executors/beneficiaries and make them aware of the deceased’s assets and liabilities in Probate Estate Matters

Debt collection

  • Conduct thorough assessments of debtor and whether they are worth pursuing

Family law

  • Better communicate the position of your client through the visualisation of relationships between people, entities and assets

Accountants/Insolvency Specialists

  • Significantly reduce your hours spent on interpreting ASIC Company and Business Name searchesPPSR Search and Bankruptcy Search data with accurate aggregated data
  • Mitigate your own professional risk by minimising your chances of missing critical information
  • Keep abreast of distressed entities so you’re ahead of the game
  • Identify new business opportunities using REVEAL to seek out key stakeholders
  • Minimise the costs involved in selecting the right jobs to pursue
  • Conduct searches on clients prior to appointments to understand the bigger picture



  • Mitigate your professional risk by minimising your chances of missing critical information
  • Simplify decisions around business lending, insolvency or mergers and acquisitions deals
  • Clearly visualise your borrowers' company and shareholder structures
  • Easily view all PPSR registrations and secured parties related to an entity in a simple diagram
  • Perform 'follow on' searches to obtain additional asset, credit or bankruptcy information
  • Export complex lending matters to Excel for analysis.

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