Integrated with LEAP Mobile

Integrates with LEAP Mobile to save you re-keying data.

Secure storage of VOI documents

Securely stores your VOI records for 9 years.


Encourages a consistent, secured and streamlined verification of identity process.

Compatible with iPhone, iPad and Android

Compatible with iPhone & iPad iPhone 4s and above and running Apple iOS version 8.4 and above and Android devices.

Saving capabilities

Allows you to save incomplete identification data and finish orders at a later time once all identity documents have been received.

Seamless integration

Integrates with existing practice management systems to capture search costs automatically and save time on rekeying data.


Gives you complete control of the VOI process - verify your client’s identity from the comfort of your office.

Secure VOI report

Generates a secure VOI report to retain in your records.


Allows you to maintain face-to-face contact with clients at all times during identification.


Eliminates the need for document scanning, photocopying and physical filing.

Intuitive system

Understands the identification category requirements and guides you through the VOI process.