Smart Electronic Contract of Sale of Real Estate (VIC)

From wherever you are, you can now order, compile, edit and sign your Section 32 and Contract of Sale of Real Estate in Victoria completely electronically through InfoTrack.

Only the vendor's representative needs to be an InfoTrack client to use our Electronic Contract of Sale of Real Estate and Section 32.

Faster and easier for all conveyancing parties

Vendor’s representative

Prepare conveyancing documents with greater speed and accuracy. No more sorting through reams of paper or dealing with postal delays – there is just a single pdf copy of the Contract that can be compiled, edited, sent and signed electronically.

Purchaser’s representative

Receive a link to the documents via email that can be easily forwarded on to the purchaser electronically for review and signing in any location.


 Fast track transactions by receiving documents faster from the lawyer or conveyancer and having the ability to sign documents electronically from wherever you are.

Real estate agent

Faster access to the Vendor Statement and Contract that allows for same-day signing by the purchaser and vendor.



SignIT makes conveyancing faster and easier for all parties

SignIT makes conveyancing faster and easier for all parties

Features and benefits

Easy ordering

Simply tick off Section 32 and Contract of Sale of Real Estate when ordering your Title or Property Enquiries.

Editing capabilities

Easily edit the Section 32 and Contract online with the ability to import additional documents and rearrange the order.

Secure signing with SignIT

The vendor and purchaser will receive emailed links to sign the Section 32 and Contract. A full audit trail is reported by DocuSign.


The dashboard provides visibility and tracking of signatures. You can check for updates in real time and are also notified by email when parties have signed.

Time saving

Eliminate the need to print, collate, scan and post multiple copies of documents.

Green process

Allows for a paperless conveyancing process - no more printing reams of paper and multiple copies of the same documents.

From wherever you are, Section 32 and Electronic Contract of Sale of Real Estate made
Secure. Fast. Easy.