Direct Connect

InfoTrack now offers a complimentary service that allows you to make the moving process easier for your clients. With the tick of a box, Direct Connect will contact your client free of charge to assist with connection of utility services, including electricity, gas, phone & internet, removalists, and other services. Take away some of the stress of moving for your clients at no extra cost.

How to request this service

On the property enquiries screen, you will find a check box which asks if you have your client's consent for Direct Connect to contact them. Simply tick the box and enter your client's contact details. Direct Connect will assign a dedicated representative, who will call them within 24 hours to determine which connection services they require. Your client will then receive a personalised service and be guided through every aspect of the connection.

About Direct Connect

Direct Connect is Australia's leading utilities connection provider and has helped over 1 million people move since 2004. Their goal is to make moving easy and provide peace of mind. They guarantee that electricity and gas will be connected on move-in day subject to terms and conditions.

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