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The ASIC & PPSR Combined Report uses smart technology to assist you in identifying and analysing areas of potential risk by collating data from multiple sources and highlighting areas where more research may be needed.

By ensuring your clients are provided with the full picture of their matter you are preventing risk, not only to your client, but also to your practice and reputation.

Only pay the standard ASIC Search & PPSR Search fees, and the Combined Report feature, including a Credit Report and REVEAL is FREE.

Included in the Report is a:

ASIC Search

  • Current or current and historical ASIC Extract.
  • Colour coding of content contained in the report such as company status, registered or former officeholders and shareholders.
  • The Report is date and time stamped.

 PPSR Comprehensive Summary

  • The amount of PPSR Registrations over each search criteria including Name, ACN & ABN.
  • The collateral types of the PPSR Registrations i.e. what is the secured party holding their interest over.
  • A summary of PPSR Registrations over each PPSR Search criteria including the Registration, start date, collaterals and secured parties.
  • Each PPSR Registration within the summary are linked to a more detailed Registration summary contained in the Report.

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A REVEAL workspace is provided free of charge, illustrating your results and enabling you to visualise related company structures for more accurate analysis and better decision making.

Coupled with the Combined Report, REVEAL offers a far easier way of interpreting and presenting your ASIC and PPSR Search information which will save you valuable time and enable you to communicate data in a simple format for your clients.

This is just another reason why over 100 new clients are joining InfoTrack per month.

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