Features & Benefits

Risk Reduction

By ensuring your clients are provided with the full picture of their matter you are preventing risk, not only to your client, but also to your practice and reputation.

Save time

Company & PPSR information summarised to allow lawyers, accountants and financial institutions to consume information regarding these entities faster and with no additional costs.

Share easily

All the ordered information is supplied back in a single PDF and can be shared easily with colleagues or clients.

Easy access

The PPSR Registrations that appear within the Report are linked, so that you can review the Registration in further detail.

Colour coded

The Report has important sections colour coded to highlight certain information, for example if the company is under ‘external administration’ the status will be highlighted red.

No extra searches

Using the Report cuts out the need to order separate ASIC or PPSR searches.


Allows you to analyse complex company structures quicker and clearly identify relationships from a single page visual print out, this can save you up to 1 – 3 hours as opposed to doing it manually.

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The easiest way to review your ASIC and PPSR Searches.


Reporting consistency across your firm.

Company Searching