Improve your search order time by up to 30%

  • Multiple searches on different matters at the same time
  • Bulk Searches are available for Up to 50 searches in one click
  • Save, view, print and email results from one page
  • Duplicate order detection
  • Free verification look-up

Our client’s favourites:

  • Electronic Contracts
  • Order ASIC and PPSR Searches at same time for different matters
  • Order the ABN, ACN & Business name from one page
  • Order common property and title search at same time
  • Order Dealings and instruments for the Title at the same time

Fastest search results

  • Due to our automated internal systems and processes, 89% of all our property enquiry certificates are processed and submitted to authorities in real time, allowing for much quicker certificate return than our competitors.
  • Our Property Services team proactively chase certificates with authorities, to save you time.
  • Our chasing process allows you the option off having comments automatically emailed to you each time we follow up a certificate.
  • Dedicated contact points and support for chasing or assistance, a personalised approach that ensures you can rely in us to get the job done.
  • Enhanced the ordering screens so the least amount of clicks and data is required to complete an application
  • At a glance review, the order status of each search and certificate, meaning you don’t need to contact us for updates.

Capture all cost recoveries & eradicate manual bookkeeping

  • One monthly bill for all searches and related services, with easy to follow invoicing and powerful reporting easily imported into most accounting systems.
  • InfoTrack automatically generates and emails, on a daily or weekly basis, a CSV upload file which contains all your search related disbursements. This is sent to your bookkeeper, who imports it into your practice management system. This CSV file seeks out each individual client ledger and creates an automatic disbursement against, removing the need for manual data entry and ensuring that all your InfoTrack’s search-related disbursements are captured
  • For further convenience, you can also seamlessly integrate InfoTrack with your practice management system, allowing for greater efficiency and enhanced workflow.

REVEAL - your free data visualisation tool

  • Allows you to analyse complex company structures quicker, as users are clearly able to identify relationships from a single page visual print out. Depending on how complex the entity and legal matter, users can save as much as 1 – 3 hours using REVEAL.


  • As a major sponsor of eConveyancing, we are here to provide you with all the information to assist your need for a seamless transition from paper to electronic conveyancing.

Unlimited support from our HelpDesk

  • We provide ongoing support to all clients between 8:30am – 7:00pm AEST.
  • Our National HelpDesk team have legal and conveyancing backgrounds, extensive training in InfoTrack systems and provide a service that is unsurpassed in the marketplace.