1- The NSW Online Registry has over 50 forms that can be lodged though InfoTrack only has 13, will be more available soon?

The forms provided are amongst the most common used and make up around 85% of what is lodged within the courts. There are more forms currently in development, with the aim of having all forms that are available on the NSW Online Registry also available to InfoTrack clients.

2- We are located in close proximity to the Court and send paralegal/PLT students to file documents for us, so is e-Filing as beneficial for us?

Documents lodged over the counter can, at times, take up to 2-3 weeks to be entered into the system, sometimes longer. All of these documents are processed manually and require someone within the registry to enter all the information by hand, allowing potential human error.
The ability to lodge over the counter is going to become harder and harder as they change the over the counter system to really only service the public. The aim for NSW is to have all Civil court documents lodged electronically as soon as possible.

3- Registration is painful and I can’t be bothered to get all the necessary information. Can it be simplified?

Registration through InfoTrack is very simple; all a Practitioner needs is their PCN and date of admission, and the details of their drivers licence. InfoTrack will take care of everything else including eOrganisation registration if required.