Knowing your customer (KYC) in a global market

Murray Lawson, Senior Director of Global Risk and Investigations at FTI Consulting, discusses why knowing your customer is vital to minimising risk and protecting your business in today's global marketplace. Patrick McComish, Product Manager of Global Corporate Services at InfoTrack tells us about KYCIT, a new international search platform for KYC/AML/CTF.

"...there have just been a number of recent issues that have brought it right to the fore. The first is the lead by the US and the UK on a number of issues related to bribery and corruption, money laundering and cross border profit shifting . We’ve seen that become part of the public consciousness, it’s in the media all the time...The second string is the ongoing issue of terrorism - that receives a huge focus with government.
- Murray Lawson




Host: Tory Ishigaki has been the Content Manager at InfoTrack since September 2015. Before moving to Australia, she completed an Honours Bachelor of Business Administration, obtained her Juris Doctor and was called to the Bar of Ontario in Canada. She has volunteered in a community legal aid clinic, a legal technology and entrepreneurship clinic, and worked in litigation at the Discipline Department of the Law Society of Upper Canada.


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