How to create a high performance team

By Fiona Crawford

31 May

07:30 - 09:30



L8, 135 King Street, Sydney, 2000

“High performance culture” has become a buzz word across many industries. Everyone wants to claim that they have one, but what does it really mean? And how do you attract, engage and retain a top-level team?

Join Fiona Crawford, Olympic softball medallist and General Manager Human Resources at InfoTrack to learn the secrets to fostering employee engagement and building a high-performance team. Drawing from her experience both on the field and in the corporate world, Fiona will share the cornerstones that every business needs to build a solid culture and enhance staff engagement. Learn how strong leadership, reward & recognition, development plans and governance weave together to not only drive discretionary performance, but ensure you attract, select, develop and retain the right people to grow your business.

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With over 15 years human resources, training and coaching experience across a range of industries including sport, fitness, finance, hospitality and automotive; to say Fiona Crawford is passionate about HR is an understatement. Fiona has a BA Sports Studies (majoring in Psychology, Marketing and Science), and was awarded the AHA NSW HR Manager of the Year. Her uncompromising commitment to high performance and continual improvement stems from her sporting background - a two-time medal winning Olympian in the sport of softball (Silver 2004 and Bronze 2000).