How eCos & esigning are revolutionising the way Australians are buying & selling property - EVENT FULL

By John Ahern, Claire Martin, Mark Morgan, Brad Newton

2 August

12:30 - 02:00



InfoTrack Office Sydney - L8, 135 King Street, Sydney

This event is now at full capacity. Australia is going digital and clients expect service that is quick, simple, efficient, transparent and cost-effective – especially in the fast-paced world of conveyancing. There is no denying that electronic conveyancing is the way of the future, but adopting new technology can seem like a daunting challenge for many practitioners. We’ve gathered a panel of experts to answer your questions and discuss the latest in electronic conveyancing technology. Hear from both the providers who are bringing you technology and the practitioners who are using it.



(1) eCOS and eSigning – how InfoTrack’s electronic conveyancing technology gives the gift of time 

John Ahern, CEO, InfoTrack

John joined InfoTrack as Chief Technology Officer in 2015 and quickly became InfoTrack CEO. He has worked in the Information Sector for over 20 years and has extensive experience designing and developing software platforms. Under John’s leadership, InfoTrack has launched technology that is disrupting the industry and creating new markets.


(2) How electronic conveyancing benefits lawyers, conveyancers and clients

Claire Martin, Solicitor, Kreisson

Claire made history by conducting the first end-to-end fully electronic contract and e-settlement transaction in Australia in June 2016. With the help of InfoTrack’s technology, she was able to complete the transaction without touching a single piece of paper.


(3) The future of off-the-plan conveyancing in a digital world

Mark Morgan, Partner, Collin Biggers & Paisley

Mark oversaw the country’s first fully fledged e-property contract system with the auction of 31 residential land lots in Sydney in September 2015.


(4) The legality of electronic signatures 

Brad Newton, VP - Australia & New Zealand, DocuSign

DocuSign is used for electronic signing by over 225,000 companies globally, with more than 85 million users in 188 countries.


(5) Question and answer session

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