Electronic contracts at auction – how does it work?


Tuesday 21 November 2017  |  1pm - 2pm


About the event

eContracts are a hot topic in the Australian property market right now. With the entire property transaction becoming digitised in the next year, businesses and consumers are getting more and more comfortable with electronic transactions, in fact, they are expecting it.
Real Estate Agents are also experiencing the benefits of digitisation - gone are the days of lugging around 100kg’s of paper Contracts from Action to Auction on a Saturday. Also gone are the days of standing at the photocopier scanning every signed Contract to be emailed out to the parties.
Is the Vendor or Purchaser overseas? No problem… they can sign the eContract on the phone from wherever they are in the world.

Join Stephanie Watkins and Krystal Mihailovic as they take you through an eContract being signed at Auction. Collectively Stephanie and Krystal have facilitated around 15 Auctions in Victoria this year supporting Legal Firms, Conveyancers and Real Estate Agents with eContracts and electronic signing.

 Presented by Stephanie Watkins 

Stephanie Watkins is Client Relationship Manager at InfoTrack where her focus is around client retention and ensuring her clients are aware of any changes in the industry or new products that would benefit their business. With a passion for technology, Stephanie has been assisting at Real Estate Agent Seminars and attending Auctions around Melbourne to help facilitate electronic signatures on Contracts of Sale. 
Facilitated by Krystal Mihailovic.


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Essential details

Who will you be learning from?

Stephanie Watkins, Client Relationship Manager, InfoTrack
Krystal Mihailovic, Senior Client Relationship Manager, InfoTrack

Is this event online?

Yes, this event is an online webinar. Tune in from your office desk, at home or on-the-go.

Who is this event for?

Real Estate Agents

Professional learning

If you are in the legal industry you can claim 1 CPD unit for this seminar under practice management and business skils.

Key takeaways

Replace paper contracts with electonic contracts for fast and simple use

Accessibility for Purchasers and Vendors to sign contracts on the spot no matter where they are in the world

Instant distribution of signed contracts to all parties via email