"It is 6-7 times more expensive to acquire a new customer than it is to keep a current one."


Submissions open – 14 March 2016 Submissions close – 17 June 2016 Judging – 17 - 23 June 2016 Finalists announced – 27 June 2016 Winner announced – at the InfoTrack Client Centricity Awards Ceremony night, Sydney InfoTrack office, 28 July 2016.
The InfoTrack Client Centricity Awards 2016 seeks to recognise excellence in client services and customer experience in the legal and accounting industries. We believe client centricity is vital to the success of any business and live by the motto that a business is not great until their clients say they are. A business focused on client centricity isn’t one that simply offers good service. It’s so much more than that. It’s about every corner of your business living and breaking the customer and their needs. It’s about ensuring each and every client feels like they are the only individual in your sights because at every stage of the journey you are putting them first and at the core of your business decisions. If your business is creating products, processes and policies and a culture that supports your clients with a superior experience, then you’ll appreciate how critical client centricity is to profitability and growth.
The awards are open to everyone, including large law firms, conveyancers, accountants, boutique law firms, in-house teams, or any small or sole practitioners in Australia.
Fill out the InfoTrack Client Centricity Awards nomination form.
Yes, simply fill out each category you wish to enter on the nomination form.
Nominations will be judged on the following four categories: 1. Client service and delivery - Has the nominee gone above and beyond for their client, whereby they exceeded their client’s expectations to deliver superior service? 2. Use of technology - What technology/applications have been incorporated in a way that enhances the client’s experience and promotes innovation? Has technology they’ve introduced alleviated customer pain points and enhanced the customer experience. 3. Cost management - Are they transparent in pricing by giving a standard flat fee? Or is their pricing structure designed around hourly rates or retainers? Does their pricing structure work to benefit their business as well as their clients? 4. Employee engagement and morale - Has the nominee improved the staff engagement? Are there examples of a strong vision, staff surveys, team environment, employee development, reward or recognition program. Lastly, how much has the culture contributed to the overall client satisfaction?
If any of the four nomination categories are not applicable to your firm, simply write NA within the category box on the nomination form.
Judges will consider several dimensions in making their decision and will be scoring applications against the above criteria. Judges will send their scorecards independently for each nominated parties in to the InfoTrack office, where scores for each category will be added together for a final result. Each category will have a score rating of 1-10. - Judges are not permitted to discuss scoring and results throughout the process.
The winners will be announced at the InfoTrack Client Centricity Awards Ceremony night, at the Sydney InfoTrack office, 28 July 2016.
Entries close at 11:59pm AEST on 17 June 2016.
- Entrants can be nominated or self-nominate. - All entries will be assessed by the panel against the criteria. - All four criteria will be given equal consideration. - Thd judging panel's decision will be final. - Entrants can be any sized legal, accounting or conveyancing firm, private practice and in-house legal teams across Australia. - You do not have to be an InfoTrack client. - All Entrants' company details will be kept confidential during the judging to ensure confidentiality, privacy and intellectual property protection. - Judging will be based on the nomination form. - No additional information will be able to be provided after the entry has been made. - Comments and ranking scores will be provided to unsuccessful entrants as well as entrants upon request. - No entries will be considered after closing date.