There are four different categories open for nomination. A winner will be selected in each category. You can nominate for all categories, or as few as one.

Client service and delivery
Has the nominee gone above and beyond for their client, whereby they exceeded their client’s expectations to deliver superior service?

Use of technology
What technology or applications have been incorporated in a way that enhances the client’s experience and promotes innovation? Has the technology that the nominee has introduced alleviated customer pain points and enhanced the customer experience?

Cost management 
Has the nominee been transparent in pricing by giving a standard flat fee? Or is their pricing structure designed around hourly rates or retainers? Does their pricing structure work to benefit their business as well as their clients?

Employee engagement and morale
Has the nominee improved staff engagement? Are there examples of a strong vision, staff surveys, team environment, employee development, reward or recognition program? Lastly, how much has the culture contributed to the overall client satisfaction?

Each category winner will receive:

Media exposure
A dedicated and experienced PR Agency will be working alongside us during the lead up to the Awards Ceremony to write and publish media releases that will elicit media interest, and promote your firm if shortlisted or as a winner.

Exposure on our website and social media
As a category winner, your firm will benefit from our active social media program with dedicated resources to ensure extensive social media exposure. You will also be featured in a case study on the InfoTrack website.

An engraved crystal trophy
All winners will receive an engraved crystal InfoTrack Client Centricity Awards Category Winner trophy.

Right to use an InfoTrack Client Centricity Awards Winner logo
Right to use InfoTrack’s Client Centricity Awards Winner’s logo on all your collateral.