Roseanne Perez

Head of Products

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Roseanne Perez

With a vast background in the legal industry spanning over 19 years, Rosey has in-depth knowledge of the landscape and plays a vital role in the development of InfoTrack’s innovative products.


Rosey is a highly experienced product manager who joined InfoTrack in 2015. 

As InfoTrack’s Head of Product, Rosey is involved in every stage of the product development process from inception right through to implementation and enhancement. 

Rosey works closely with InfoTrack’s development team to ensure each and every product provides value to our clients. She keeps up a constant line of communication with our ever-growing client base in order to understand their business needs and deliver innovative solutions. She is always on the lookout for new ways to improve our clients’ day to day workflows.

When Rosey is not working hard, she is taking care of her wonderful children.

 If Roseanne left the room – what would someone say about her?

"What Rosey doesn't know about products isn't worth knowing, she is an innovative, experienced and personable leader."

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