Roni Millard

General Manager, Marketing

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Roni Millard

With 18 years Marketing experience, 6 of them in the legal sector and a few awards to throw in for good measure, Roni Millard is an extremely energetic, confident and charismatic leader who is highly ambitious and extremely focused.


Heading up the Marketing Team, Roni is responsible for constantly firing on all cylinders and leading the charge with InfoTrack’s marketing program across Australia. From providing strategic and operational leadership for the business to coordinating communication vertically through the organisation, life is never dull in the marketing department.

Born out of the B2B and voluntary sectors, Roni is an experienced marketer with a specialism in traditional marketing, marketing communications, value proposition development, digital, branding, PR, change and project management to name but a few. Always results-driven, Roni possesses strong leadership skills that have allowed her to build, nurture and develop harmonious teams that deliver business strategy and over exceed targets. She always strives to exceed expectations and more often than not does.

Having joined InfoTrack in early 2014, Roni has successfully built a dynamic, fast moving and energetic team that thrives on making every day count. Making good decisions and delivering exceptional results is their collective benchmark and they never miss a beat under her direction.

Roni’s love for collaborative working and outstanding communication means she can seamlessly integrate her team into all parts of the business. From Sales and Product to Development and Operations, Roni thrives on supporting her colleagues with excellent marketing that will ultimately benefit the industries, verticals and clients she services.

Of Egyptian origin, Roni studied Politics and Modern History & Marketing in England followed by a diploma in both Marketing and Teaching English as a Foreign Language.

With a desire to experience life upside down, Roni moved to Australia a few years ago with her family and has enjoyed every moment of sun and sand. Described as a workaholic, Roni doesn’t need to sleep. When she’s not sleeping or working Roni enjoys a mix of keeping fit and watching a bit of cricket, football, NRL, UFC or golf with her husband and kids.

If Roni left the room – what would someone say about her?

"An extremely energetic, confident and charismatic leader, Roni is amongst the best when it comes to Marketing. Fact."

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