Joel Cunningham

Senior Development Manager

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Joel Cunningham

Joel is a highly experienced software developer who joined InfoTrack in 2010.


With a proven track record for delivering successful software projects for fast growing companies, Joel has played an integral part in developing InfoTrack’s leading edge online platform.

Joel heads the development team on its persistent quest to develop the best technology in the industry, creating intuitive and user friendly software to optimise workflows.

As product owner of InfoTrack’s searching website and revolutionary data visualisation tool REVEAL, Joel works with the development team to continually deliver value to InfoTrack’s ever-growing client base. He constantly asks his team what they can do differently, what they can do better, and how they can fundamentally change the user experience to enhance clients’ day to day workflow.

Joel works with product managers and clients on a regular basis to come up with new and innovative solutions to business problems. He fully adopts the idea of continual change and continuous improvement, and this has been at the heart of the ongoing enhancements to REVEAL. Joel has enjoyed every second of the development process as each new feature gives clients the gift of time, saving them hours through improving their workflow efficiency.

If Joel is working with his team, product managers and clients to come up with the next new and innovative solutions that will achieve operational efficiency for the industry he serves, he is one happy man.

He is also a happy man when he is spending time with his wife and three children.

 If Joel left the room – what would someone say about him?

"A highly energised and intelligent technical leader who has an incredible ability to match strategy to technology every time."

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