Joel Cunningham

General Manager, Innovation

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Joel Cunningham

Joel is a highly experienced software developer who joined InfoTrack in 2010.


He led the development team for several years and was involved in hiring most of the 50+ developers. In 2017, Joel took on a new challenge as General Manager of InfoTrack’s Innovation team. He has already played an integral part in developing InfoTrack’s leading edge online platform, and will continue to ensure that InfoTrack’s technology evolves and disrupts in his new role.

As General Manager, Innovation, Joel leads InfoTrack’s growing Innovation team which is 100% focused on creating the next generation of online products. Joel’s team was formed to take development minds outside of the day-to-day and have dedicated resources for innovation and blue-sky ideas. His mission is to facilitate creativity and risk-taking within the organisation to ensure that InfoTrack continues to lead the industry and push technology forward.

Joel fully adopts the idea of continual change and continuous improvement, and this has been at the heart of the ongoing enhancements to InfoTrack’s platform and services. He constantly asks his team what they can do differently, what they can do better, and how they can fundamentally change the user experience to enhance clients’ day-to-day. He led the development of one of InfoTrack’s most innovative products, the revolutionary data visualisation tool REVEAL, and has spearheaded the launch of several other workflow tools that have truly changed the business.

Joel and his team will be charting new territory for InfoTrack as they build products for the consumer market and venture into big data. He and his team are on the lookout for the next big thing and are willing to take on the risk and put in the effort to get there.

Outside of work, Joel is a happy man when he is spending time with his wife and three children.

 If Joel left the room – what would someone say about him?

"A highly energised and intelligent technical leader who has an incredible ability to match strategy to technology every time."

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