Brendan Smart

General Manager, Sales

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Brendan Smart 

Brendan has over 6 years experience within the legal industry. 

Within 18 months of joining InfoTrack Brendan's passion for sales and the industry saw him become InfoTrack’s National Sales Manager - since then he has never looked back. His current role as InfoTrack’s General Manager of Sales has him overseeing sales teams responsible for bringing in over 120 new clients each month and dominating the Australian information brokerage industry.

Brendan has a wealth of experience in business and commercial roles both here in Australia and internationally. His varied career started with a Diploma in Hotel Management in Cape Town, and he has managed businesses in London, implemented IT systems to streamline work processes, and established and built his own business here in Australia. Having first-hand experience of the responsibilities associated with running a successful business, Brendan thrives on helping businesses under pressure to streamline work processes with the aim of increasing profits.

His flair for sales and his refusal to ever give up on any challenge given to him, big or small, is what earns him the respect of everyone who knows him. His sales team if asked to describe Brendan would call him a man with a magnetic presence in the sales boardroom who demands nothing but the best from his team. Happy to get his hands dirty, Brendan is the man you want on your team if you have heavy sales targets to meet.

Living on the northern beaches, Brendan loves the ocean and surfing whilst not forgetting his other loves - playing guitar and being a die-hard Springbok rugby fan. Family is very important to Brendan and he loves nothing more than spending time with his wife and daughter.

If Brendan left the room - what would someone say about him? 

Brendan is an energetic and dedicated executive, with a passion for leading from the front and bringing out the best in his people.

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