Sebastian Mill

CTO Global

Sebastian Mill

Sebastian joined InfoTrack in June 2019 as CTO Global, overseeing InfoTrack’s technology and innovation on a global scale. Prior to his appointment, he founded a successful consulting business which supported law firms all over Australia with their needs to adopt new technology to increase productivity and introduce client facing tools to remain competitive. Before starting his own business, he was the Chief Information Officer at one of Queensland’s fastest growing law firms and held a leading role in the firm’s executive team.

Sebastian excels most with solving complex problems, particularly those instances where he can convert his ideas into tangible solutions. His strive to be efficient ignites an internal drive to find the most innovative and practical approaches. He has a genuine passion for innovation and technology. Throughout his career, he was fortunate to work on progressive initiatives which helped business of all sizes to grow and excel. Since joining the legal industry, Sebastian has been focused on introducing tools and processes to serve clients faster and more efficiently. He believes that legal service providers who fully harness technology and data will have a significant competitive edge on those organisations that do not. Further, Sebastian has established a name for himself due to his strong commitment to integrated solutions which have improved law firms core management and document systems.

Sebastian is a passionate legal technologist who is driven to guide his team to success. He takes pride in inspiring people with confidence and strong vision. He has an enthusiastic and genuine approach in every task that he completes. In his new role at InfoTrack, Sebastian is excited to develop a strategic vision of InfoTrack’s platform across all three geographies – AUS, UK and USA. He hopes to support growth and innovation in the InfoTrack Group’s key market and is determined to create an impact in the legal technology landscape. Sebastian has a strong focus on future proofing the business by leveraging its strengths and market leading position as the #1 legal tech innovator.

In his spare time, Sebastian loves to travel. He likes to play golf and go running, bush walking and hiking with his spouse.